The completion of this thesis was made possible by the support of my wife Audrey who has sacrificed much during the course of my studies. Thanks must also go to my two co-supervisors for their support, patience and sound advice: Professor Paul Eggert at the Australian Defence Force Academy, University of New South Wales, for his guidance in regard to critical theory, and Professor Wayne McKenna of the University of Newcastle for his detailed knowledge of Finnegans Wake and astute editorial suggestions. Professor Clive Probyn from Monash University gave me much encouragement, direction and support in the early years of this project. Lucy Bland, of the University of North Londonís Centre for Research into Ethnicity and Gender, assisted me with my reading of feminist critical theory. Loes Baker at the Australian Defence Force Academy also provided me with assistance in finalising my bibliography. I must also thank the Australian Department of Defence who provided me with leave-without-pay to complete my dissertation. Finally, the University of Brighton, U.K., deserves recognition for its generous provision of e-mail and internet facilities to me whilst I have been in the U.K.

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