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Textual sites

Finnegans Wake text, html (Ulysses is on the site as well)

Michael Hanson's Concordex (Finnegans Wake, Ulysses, Dubliner’s, Portrait, Chamber Music – and To the Lighthouse)

Chris Bjork’s Interactive Finnegans Wake notebook page –

Joyce reading from FW

Ulysses Concordance

ALP soundtrack

General sites (including discussion groups)

Charles Cave’s excellent site, with masses of link. It also has a page with instructions on subscribing to FWREAD.


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Bill Cadbury’s Finnegans Wake homepage:

IQ Infinity Joyce site

Split Pea Press

The Finnegans Wake Society of New York (very nice site)

The Bloom site – devoted to JJ

The Finnegans Wake listserver address


The Brazen Head: a James Joyce ‘pub’


International James Joyce Foundation


Joyce Resources on the Internet


Trieste Joyce Laboratory


Usenet - alt.books.james-joyce

News: alt.books.james-joyce

Japanese Finnegans Wake site - by K. Kumagui


James Joyce Centre


A Japanese site


Antwerp Joyce Centre


Michael Groden, JJ Activity on the Web site – the best links site


Pomona’s JJ Tribute site




On-line Joyce criticism

Summary of Ulysses

A paper on [alcoholism &] Dubliners:

James Joyce Quarterly

To buy A Wake Newslitter CD-ROM

Hypermedia Joyce Studies

Ulysses for Dummies

JJ Literary Supplement

Source information

Dublin architecture:


The Goat and Welch Fusileers

Vico - The Italian text (with graphics) is available for downloading at

Joycean photo gallery:

JJ’s Grave

Pictures by Susan Weil

Paul Albertsen’s zodiac interpretation of FW


Contemporary culture

History of Ireland

A cartoon (Shem & Sam) about the adventures of Joyce and Beckett:

An engraving of Joyce:

Finding books

Archive of sound (search on ‘James Joyce ‘)

Wake based theatre